Wireless Printing FAQ

Wireless printing was working for me but now I get errors whenever I try to print to "IET Wireless Printing" printer. How can I fix it?
In January 2010, Microsoft released a patch which affected Wireless Printing. It causes a status of "Error - Printing" in the print queue on your laptop whenever you print. Follow the steps at Windows Vista and Windows 7 Wireless Printing Configuration Change to fix this problem.
How much am I charged for wireless printing?
Sheets printed via Wireless Printing are counted on the same quota as normal printing within the IET computer rooms. The printing rates can be found at https://computerrooms.ucdavis.edu/printing/. You are charged for a print job once it is released and prints. You are not charged if you send your print job to the queue and it is never released to the printer.
How long do I have to pick up my print job?
When you send your print job to the queue, it will not be printed until you release it or you visit the computer room and ask the Computer Room Consultant to release your job. You can pick up your job any time the computer room is open. All unclaimed print jobs are deleted overnight, so you must pick up your print job the same day you print it. Computer room schedules can be found at https://computerrooms.ucdavis.edu/.
Where can I access wireless printing?
You may access wireless printing from anywhere on the UC Davis Wireless Network. A list of locations where the wireless network is available can be found at http://wireless.ucdavis.edu/maplist.cfm.
What operating systems are supported?
We are currently supporting Windows 7 & later or Mac OS X 10.10 & later.
Does IET Wireless Printing automatically logout?
We encourage you to logout but your session will automatically be logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity.