MacOS Configuration

Download the Installer (for MacOS 10.10 and newer only)

  1. Click here to download our custom installer.

Run the installer to setup your computer.

  1. If your computer did automatically mount the disk image, double click the "IET_Wireless_Printing.dmg" file.
  2. Double-click the installer application.
  3. Follow the installer setup.
    • At the Welcome Screen, click "Continue".
    • Click "Continue" to accept the Dell license agreement. Then click "Agree" (not shown).
    • Click "Install" to accept the Standard Installation.
    • When the installer has finished, click the "Close" button.
  4. A new printer will appear in your printer list.


    • NOTE: MacOS may automatically set the newly created printer as the default printer for your computer.  In most cases this is not the desired result.  To change the default, click on the Default Printer drop down menu and choose the printer to which you normally print.
  5. Now your computer is configured to send print jobs to the IET Wireless Printing.