Using Wireless Printing

Important: You must follow the one-time setup instructions to configure the IET Remote Printing printer on your computer before doing these steps.

  1. Go to the Wireless Printing site at and click Wireless Printing Logon from the links on the left.
  2. Logon to CAS with your UCDavis LoginID and password. If you have already logged onto CAS you will not have to logon again.
  3. Choose what printer you wish to use and whether you would like to print Double Sided or Single Sided. Click the Set Print Location button.


  4. Then simply print documents normally, but choose "IET Wireless Printing" as the printer.


  5. Your print job will be "held" in the print queue. It must be released before it will print. This is to ensure you are in the computer lab when it prints. You can "release" the print jobs yourself using the link in the print queue shown in the wireless printing webpage or ask the Computer Room Consultant on duty to "release" it for you.
  6. When you are done, click the Logoff from Wireless Printing button to logoff of the Wireless Printing system.